Elevation Scaffolding



We create a culture that allows people to perform at their best and excel in their career with us.

We start by recruiting and employing the right people; building teams of directly employed staff that demonstrate our high standards and values consistently.


Continuous Improvement 

This contributes to our aim to be a learning organisation where we actively measure and encourage feedback, to improve what we do.


Continuous improvement is embedded in our culture and its process is applied to everything we do: from planning and implementation, through to measuring the impact, and using the results to learn and improve.


Research proves that high performing teams are more likely to be psychologically safe – openly discussing mistakes and ways to make improvements. These environments are safer, more innovative and are better places to work.


We train our staff to ensure the highest quality of work and to create a safe working environment.

All our staff are qualified to the required level for their role, and with the relevant experience. Our people are invested in via technical training, mentoring and enhanced management training we offer here at Elevation scaffolding. We currently have several employees on their training programs who are progressing well and working and learning from other team members.


We have a holistic wellbeing programme addressing mental health including triggers such as lifestyle, nutrition and fitness.

We partner with external agencies who are dedicated to developing the link between Physical and Mental Health, and Wellbeing. Especially surrounding mens mental health and ensuring all our employees feel supported in and outside of the work place.

We have many mental health first aiders that are fully trained as well as regular toolbox talks and resources that are shared across the entire workforce. Our General Manager is also training in psychotherapy which will be a great asset to have and will benefit our workforce greatly.


The Elevation Yorkshire Team took part in completing a Mental Health Course just before Christmas 2023. Mental Health awareness and support is something we believe in strongly here and we wanted to gain further information to allow us to support our team in any way we can if they need us!